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My Upcoming Film Wasalna Wela B’adna

Wasalna Wela B’adna is an emirate film directed by Aisha Alzaabi. I played Sofia alongside talented stars: Reem Hamdan, Ahmed Abdulrzaq, Fatima Alhousani, Mohammed Aljunaibi, Abdelrahman Mohamed.

The film is a comedy, about Sofia who visits her husbands family without her husband, there is a language barrier and they have to overcome many obstacles to get to the destination, but in the end it shows the importance of family and love. It also shows how welcoming the UAE is to other cultures.

How did I end up in a lead role in a film in the UAE?

I really am so grateful to be apart of this film. I had the most incredible time filming it, regardless of the outcome I was happy, it means so much to me to do something that makes me feel alive, a couple of years ago, I just wanted to know what my calling was. I had no idea how big the film would be and would receive such an amazing response.  The film is currently out in all cinemas in the UAE.

Christina Andrea Dubai Film

For me, it’s such a surreal experience that this has happened. I moved to Dubai 3 years ago, not knowing anyone. My only intention to move to the UAE was to learn about life, to discover my life purpose and to develop a belief in myself. I thought I would only stay for a couple of months, but I was really able to find myself here.

It all started when I was in David Johnson Drama School, I went there for fun to regain some passion and spark from being in Uni doing a degree in IT that I absolutely hated. Drama school kept me feeling alive and on my toes, I loved it, however, I really had no confidence. David Johnson shouted, “Christina, your only problem is that you don’t believe in yourself.”

This, is what changed everything to me. It sounds silly, but I didn’t know I had to believe in myself and I didn’t even know how to. This moment changed my life, because it was my first step to awareness. From that day, I decided to leave everything and not focus on a career, but focus on finding the belief in myself. How could I do anything if I didn’t believe in myself?

In October 2014, an IT job opportunity to move to Dubai came up doing. I decided to leave everything behind and take my dedication to overcoming limiting beliefs my ultimate goal.

My only mission was to understand how to believe in myself and to find my true life purpose so in January 2015 I took the risk and left everything behind and moved to Dubai.

The IT job didn’t work out straight away and I ended up working in a restaurant meanwhile whilst the office was being set up. I was so far out of my comfort zone every single day, not knowing how things would work out. The Universe put me through so many tests and crazy experiences that really give me a chance to put all the principles of the mind I was learning into practice. At the time it was so hard and the most challenging time of my life, but looking back it all happened for a reason to lead me to the place I was supposed to be.

Regardless of my outside conditions and not being where I wanted to be in life being away from friends family in a foreign country, all I had was the focus and determination on my mindset and belief. I studied none stop and worked on myself.

So many people told me there were no acting or film jobs in Dubai for British people and that I should have moved to London or LA, which was difficult for me to hear as this was my only opportunity at the time. I can’t tell you how many people told me this and there seemed to be some sort of truth in it too. That’s why this absolutely proves to never listen to anyone’s limiting beliefs.

I can’t tell you how many times I could have just moved home and quit everything to be where was comfortable. But I knew what it was like to not believe in myself and I was so determined to push through and live my true life purpose and mission that I chose not to listen to other peoples doubts, limitations and distractions.

Other peoples beliefs about what is possible for you don’t have to be your truth and you can change them at any time.

Sometimes a leap of faith is all it takes, taking small steps from where you are, not listening to anyone who tells you something isn’t possible for you.

People will test you, the universe will test you, which is why you just have to focus your mind on believing in yourself and trusting that you have been given this desire for a specific reason.

Christina Andrea

Anything that excites you, or inspires you, is your calling, it’s not an accident, they are guidance. Anything that sparks the fire in your belly is worth it. When you do things for love, without having any expectations. I carried on going to auditions and being involved in productions and then an opportunity came up for this film. I was on a tour around the UAE at the time presenting a show for kids on healthy eating around schools and on the day of the audition I was luckily in a school in Abu Dhabi. So I went for the audition and a few days later got a call to say I was chosen for the role.

All the things that scare you are what helps you to grow. I’ve spent the past 3 years being uncomfortable and scared, but when you push through that and grow, you believe in yourself more and more.

I remember writing down goals for fun when I was so far away from them that it wouldn’t make sense that I would have them as my goal, but for some reason my instinct wanted it and all of them are now visible and I expect to use them in positive ways to help others.

This is not the be all or the end all, but it’s definitely some sort of proof of what believing in yourself can lead to.

Nothing in life is guaranteed but the belief you have in yourself. I could never have planned this opportunity to happen.

Because developing belief has been my biggest struggle and goal and mission, it has lead me on an incredible journey. I have studied the mind, 100s books, courses, put every principle from the most successful people in the world into developing a strategy for self belief. It pains me when I see other people not believing in themselves, because I know what its like to feel stuck and frustrated and not being able to express yourself.

This is why I set up my movement “You can Believe in yourself.”

Belief is like a muscle that can be developed through principles and training and once you know the right tools, you can tap into it at any time and change your mind to believe that anything is possible for you.

I have put my whole heart into this strategy, that I also use every single day to tap into the mindset of belief.

If you would like an insight, I put together a free 30 Day Challenge so each day you will receive a goal and inspiration that will shift your mindset into focusing on your self-belief.

Belief helps you become who you are truly meant to be.

It helps you step into your purpose.

It helps you make the most out of this life whilst you have the opportunity to be alive.

If you would like to join, pop your email below to start receiving them!

Believe in yourself first and the rest will fall into place. 


Wasalna Wela B’adna is out in cinemas from the 22nd February.

Premier for Wasalna Wela B’adna was screened in Abu Dhabi on Monday 12th February:

Christina Andrea


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