Shooting Wasalna Wela B’adna

I honestly do feel so lucky to have a job doing something that I love, because of its what I wanted more than anything and what I worked hard for, to wake up to do something I love, because trust me I know what its like to wake up and hate your job. I especially love being on set and filming, its where I feel at home and that I belong, its the only place I actually feel relaxed. I love being around people and there is a special bond that remains with you for life that you will never forget when you shoot something. In the beginning of November, I spent a week traveling around the UAE  we stayed in Ras Al Khama for the shoot then traveled to different locations in Abu Dhabi and Dubai for a new film called Weselna Wela B’adna and I was lucky enough to work with one of the top directors in the UAE Aisha Alzaabi co-starred alongside talented Emirati Stars including TV Actress Reem Hamdan, Fatima Al Hosani, actor and presenter Mohammed Aljunaibi, Ahmed Abdulrazaq and all of the amazing crew and cast. The film will be premiered and out in cinemas in the UAE February 2018. ♥

The film is about a British Girl who moves to the UAE to stay with her husbands family and they show her around and teach her about the UAE, whilst he is in the UK doing the same with her family! She is studying her masters and one of her studies includes Jebel Jais Mountain. However the family takes her on a tour on a bus, she has a deadline to meet at 6pm and a lot of problems occur as they can’t understand each other on the road trip! Its a light-hearted comedy with the message that love and family are the most important thing. It also showcases how welcoming the UAE is to other cultures and really makes them feel at home no matter where they travel from. I think its such an amazing story because it is true, the UAE brings so many nationalities together and makes them feel at home when most expats and foreigners move here to better their lives and make the sacrifice to leave their family and friends to do so. The UAE has created a culture that brings all nationalities together!

We were away for location so I didn’t go home for the whole week, we finished the final scene Saturday night at 12pm I had to go home and pack and then I went straight to the airport to fly to LA!

Actress Dubai


6th November – 23rd November 2017.

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