Speak Your Way To Success – Speaking In Liverpool With JT Foxx

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Speak Your Way To Success – Speaking In Liverpool With JT Foxx

It was such an honor to speak in my hometown at JT Foxx’s Event in Liverpool. It means a lot to spread the message about following your dreams and believing in yourself, because we all can when we know how.

Christina Andrea Blunsum JT Foxx

I met JT at a similar business event in June 2017. (JT holds live events around the world and talks about different business topics). Since I attended this event, I have been on such an incredible journey of personal and professional growth and transformation. In life, sometimes we just meet one person that changes your perspective of life forever and for me, JT has really been that person.

Before I met JT, I had a lot of ideas but I didn’t know how to bring it to life and I also didn’t know how to combine all of my passions together. I thought it was either one or the other as I was seperating my two passions for branding and performing, I was also doing so many things at once, without understanding how to manage it all and feeling guilty that I wasn’t fully focused on one. Then I saw JT, stand there full of passion for life, amazing stage presence, giving so much value and not only that but running over 50 companies as well as travel the world and really be the example of exactly what he stands for and shows you that you can do it all.

Through JT’s programs & coaching, I learned that Success is not an Art, it’s a Science. What is important is knowing the steps to take to turn your vision into a reality. Learning from someone who has been where you are before and have achieved what you want to achieve is what makes the difference.

Nobody is self-made, having the right guidance can lead you into the right place and really enable you to reach your full potential. I appreciate that there are humans in the world like JT, who openly share everything they know with the world rather than keep it to themselves.

Every day since, I have woke up with passion and purpose, the last time I was late in my life was the event in June in Dubai that I met JT in, I have never been late again. My mind is sharper, my memory is better (I can even remember 45 presidents), all of these small habits make all the difference in my performing and work which has lead me to land incredible opportunities such as touring the UAE presenting a children’s show, landing lead roles in films that have made it to the cinema in the UAE (3 in 2018), speaking on different stages and the right opportunities seem to present themselves at the right time and I am ready because I know how to always stay prepared.

I learned a lot about marketing, branding and sales for my business which have enabled me to really express my ideas and passions and give back to the world.

And I also launched a book which became #1 on Amazon.

JT is someone that I respect a lot because I would not be where I am right now without his guidance, he is someone that has stretched my mind to show me that anything is possible, which I will take with me for the rest of my life.

I admire his strong work ethics and through my experience and meeting other people who have also worked with JT, I believe that JT really genuinely cares. We all have choices about what we do with our lives!

I am currently filming in Abu Dhabi and I flew into Liverpool for the day to speak at JT’s business event. Liverpool is MY HOME TOWN and I want people at home to see that it’s possible to be able to achieve the things that I’ve been able to achieve working with JT and also have their dreams come true like I have.

I was very excited and slightly nervous to speak in front of over 200 people at the Liverpool event. However it’s a very important message to share.

If you get an opportunity to attend JTs events, DO IT. I’m grateful for this chance to share what believing in yourself can do and having the right knowledge organized in the right steps so you know what action to take can do.

Knowledge is the best gift you could give to anyone in the world. Once a mind is stretched by a new experience, it can never go back. You can check out tour dates on www.megaspeaker.com.

I hope everyone is able to follow their dreams.

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