‘The Replacement’: Winning 1st Place Image Nation Film Festival

Starting auditions and production over a year ago, filming in April and just 7 months later winning the 1st place AFS Narrative 2017 at Image Nation Film Awards. Congratulations to Nabil Chowdhary and the incredible team for making it happen and I feel so blessed to be apart of this.


Congratulations Nabil Chowdhary!

Cast as “Megan

THE Most talented woman on Set: Salma Azzam ♥

The team wrapping at 8am after 24 hours!

Arab Film Studio Winner. Narrative 2017 Image Nation written and directed by Nabil Chowdhary.

Casey Shannon
Ashley Griffiths
Aiham Subaihi
Salma Azzam
Asker Afaunov
Adam Benobaid
Andy Idris


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