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An Insight To The Greatest Thought Leaders | With JT Foxx In Los Angeles ♥

Mega Success was an incredible event created by JT Foxx, held in Disney Land, Los Angeles. It was amazing to connect, meet and learn from entrepreneurs and actors from 71 different countries. Including Mark Wahlberg, Mel Gibson, John Travolta, Christie Brinkley, Hugh Hilton, Nido Qubein, George Ross and more.

JT Foxx Mega Success

To achieve something you have to do something different ♥

So grateful to meet amazing people from around the world!

The future belongs to those who work on it today. ♥

Wake up and have a sense of gratitude even for oxygen. - Dr Nido R. Quien

John Travolta – “The harder I work the more luck I have. Focus on the quality, not the outcome.”

One of the most moving inspirational people was unstoppable Tracey she is so inspiring and strong and has the best positive attitude of anyone you could meet. You see people complain about the worst things. She really is inspiring and proves that there really should be no excuses. She lives to her full potential and has not let anyone stop her or tell her otherwise. She is literally unstoppable, most positive and inspiring soul. Check out her work and her amazing book, support her and go to one of her talks! Unstoppable Tracy.

Dr Nido R. Quien:

God created us to be extraordinary, it is us that ruins it, no one can control our heart and soul, so why should we let anyone destroy our extraordinary?
We are created for a purpose and no one has a right to meet with your purpose. Do what your heart is destined to believe.
Whatever you decide is where you will become, the choices you make today is where you go. It is you who makes the choices every day.
At your weakest, appear your strongest. “I can and I was born for a purpose.”
– Believe in the impossible and don’t let anyone rain on your parade. – 

If you believe and have a vision that you execute consistently with power, you can do anything.

“If you want magic, look right where you are.” – Simon Hallam

Waking up in Disney Land and having Disney Coffee!!!! ♥ ♥

“Its a beautiful morning… Oh what a beautiful day! Everything is going my way.”

Christie Brinkley – How you look is how you feel.
Do something you really love and be interested in the world around you.
Be grateful and have a good attitude.
“Just put a smile on your face.”
Laugh – Love – BELLISMA.

Gene Simmons:

It doesn’t matter who doesn’t get you, what matters is that you are alive – you cannot fail. Don’t listen to people who talk about you.
Tell yourself, I have 24 hours and I’m going to do something great.
Go out and say to the world I’M HERE

Branding is Important – Get out in the world and tell people who you are and what you do.
Take money and invest in yourself.
Learn languages.
Be comfortable in your own skin, look at people in the eye.
Surround yourself with successful people.
Avoid people who suck your energy and say things like “Why didn’t you call me” when you are just busy!!!
Help yourself first before you help anyone else.

Everything starts small, start today don’t wait for tomorrow.


PS Thanks for the re-tweet Gene!!

Steve Wozniak – Always smile and be friendly, be kind and get on with it. Don’t have such rash opinions.


“You should have a clearly defined goal and outcome of every single thing you do.” – Brent Jeger Yeager

Stand up for something you believe in.

“Understand Your Value – Never sell yourself short ♥” – Stephen Harris 

“Success without happiness is the biggest failure of all. – You need both success and happiness” – Vikas Malkani ♥

“It doesn’t matter who doesn’t get you, what matters is that you are alive – you cannot fail. Don’t listen to people who talk about you. Tell yourself, I have 24 hours and I’m going to do something great.” ♥

Mark Walberg

“Work hard. Never sprint. Be aggressive proactive, be in control of your own destiny. Ask yourself what drives you? I wake up every day like I’m just starting.”

Hugh Hilton

“Don’t take anything personally. Be careful of the words and energy you surround yourself with.”



George Ross: “You have to have the desire to be great."

George Ross made a decision “I will never be poor again.” And is now one of the wealthiest men, always gives 10% of his income to charity and to sick children.

Thank you also to my friend Clayton Tierney, who kindly went out of his way throughout the event to introduce me to people who are in the same industry and also helped me believe in myself. Who also won the upcoming Star in Mega Success and presented amazingly on stage!

 Love this girl! She had me laughing all week! Can’t wait to see you in Canada soon! And if you need a professional organizer, she is the one for you! Check her out on Instagram. ♥

JT Foxx

“People have free will but they choose excuses.
What other people think is none of your business.
Only you possess the power of your thoughts, no one should ever enter your mind unless you let them.
Make a choice to demolish all of your weaknesses.
Don’t focus on people who close the door focus on the people who open the door.”

It’s not about you… when you play small, it doesn’t affect you it affects EVERYONE.

I used to be scared.
Now I fear nothing.

I came to Mega Success with no expectation but inspiration and got everything I didn’t know I needed. And to see how many lives have been impacted because of the organization is mind-blowing. Thank you JT ♥

Check out his events for 2018:

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  • Great blog and really represented the event well. It was the best event ever

    Jason Kelvin
    • Thank you, Jason! It really was the best event 🙂

      Christina Andrea Blunsum

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