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Episode One #PodCast – How Do Thoughts Become Things?

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“I dreamed my painting then I painted my dream.”-  Van Gohn

In the 1st Episode of the Believe Podcast I talk about Thoughts become Things and why it is about changing your thought 1st, action 2nd.

The ability to think is the highest function of what a human is capable of doing, it’s what makes us so different from other creatures.

That means we can create our life by changing our thoughts.

“Thoughts create things” doesn’t mean just because you think a bad thought bad things will happen, but it means at any moment you can choose to change your thought, which will change how you feel, which will change what action step you take, which will then become your destiny.

So if you are not seeing results, first go within and change your thought.

Plant the seed in your mind of what you want.

Think bigger than your current environment.

Write out your goals and work on one each day.

Treat your goal like an Amazon order, instead of obsessing and worrying about whether it will come, you simply choose it and carry on your life with faith it will arrive.

In my 30 Day Mind Detox, you take one goal for 30 days and the simple worksheet enables you to wake up and work on one thing each day towards that goal.

Its all about the journey, not the destination. When you pick a goal and do one small step towards it each day, that’s how you start to see results. You feel good too because progress = happiness. The moment you set a goal, you become successful! You already are successful. You don’t need to BECOME anything. Who you are is enough. But sometimes, we have to strip away any beliefs that we picked up that have made us doubt ourselves.

Hope you enjoy the 1st episode of the Podcast! Let me know your thoughts and anything else you would like to hear on the next episodes!!

If you would like to join the 30 Day Mind Detox Challenge, click the button below. Believe in yourself for 30 Days and see what happens…

Lots of Love,

Christina Andrea Blunsum xxx

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