1:1 Break Through Session in Hollywood

"I have been having so many breakthroughs since I saw you and I'm just truly so grateful. I can't wait to spend more time with you. I can't wait to share with you the things that have happened since we had our session!"

To spend mental time and focus on limiting beliefs, criticizing ourselves, feeling bad and causing anxiety, is unnecessary especially when our time is limited on earth and can leave us feeling stuck in a certain bad experience. Just as our body needs exercise, water and healthy food our mind and mental well being also needs to be taken care of.

To live a more peaceful, happy and fulfilled life with a mindset can be done by using methods that result in bringing dreams to reality, just by shaping our thoughts differently, turning negative beliefs into positive ones that serve us, seeing the world in a better way that enhances relationships and our world around us.


The goal of my coaching session aims to help you re-structure your thinking, to put your knowledge in order by exploring and asking questions to get solutions and breakthroughs that transform to the next stage in life.

We already have everything we need already inside of us, what blocks us is our over thinking and limiting beliefs and not having our thoughts in a correct order.

To be able to change the process of which we experience reality is more valuable than changing our environment first.

When I went to LA I did a breakthrough session with one of my clients in Hollywood Hills, it means so much that I could make a small difference in someone’s life, just by making them see their own potential.


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