Hello! I’m Christina Andrea Blunsum.

Welcome to my personal blog. ♥
Here you will find updates on my life journey as an actress and entrepreneur, my thoughts, updates on some of my film projects and books and some tips and resources and news and updates on events and workshops.
I’m obsessed with how we live to our full potential in this life and my passion is to teach principles that help you to believe in yourself and my big vision is to help millions of creative entrepreneurs share their message with the world, make a difference and become a best selling author in 90 Days!

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A miracle is a shift in perspective. In each moment, we have the freedom to make a choice in how we look at something. One of the past ways to shift our perspective is how we communicate with yourself. Through the words we speak, we can change how we feel about ourselves. I wrote “Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself” to give you a tool that you can use whenever you feel doubt, or fears so you know you have the power within you to believe in yourself at any given moment.

Christina Andrea Blunsum

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