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Hello! Welcome to my personal blog. Sharing updates on my life journey, some of my views and opinions, film projects and some of my favorite tips and secrets.
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Christina Andrea Blunsum

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A miracle is a shift in perspective. In each moment, we have the freedom to make a choice in how we look at something. One of the past ways to shift our perspective is how we communicate with yourself. Through the words we speak, we can change how we feel about ourselves. I wrote “Words That Will Make You Believe In Yourself” to give you a tool that you can use whenever you feel doubt, or fears so you know you have the power within you to believe in yourself at any given moment.

Christina Andrea Blunsum

“You can’t help but to be uplifted by the messages within this book. Christina touches on the areas in our minds which hold most people back and offers powerful words to help you to get out of your own way.” – Carl Pete

“I love it, this is a book that inspires me so much ill keep going back to it all the time.” – Colette Riley-Davies

“I absolutely love how Christina was able to remind us of how important words are to our well being. So many people do and say things that they may have been subject to while growing up, however, the situation may have not been a healthy situation. We need to understand that healthy truly means and how to apply that to our lives, mind-body, and soul. I believe Christina has revealed this in her book. Thank you, Christina, for reminding us of what is truly important in life…our words. – Carmen Davenport”

“Just want to let you know your book really helped me with my anxiety! Loved it! Made me feel positive in my new way of thinking” – Charlotte

“A beautiful read from a beautiful soul.” – Ieva Kambarovaite

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